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Our Leadership

Student Leadership:

Band Captain:  Kareem Gray

Drum Major/Drill Master:  Sidney Todd

Woodwind Captain:  Jasmine Moise

Brass Captain:  Jayden Lafosse

Percussion Captain:  Zhane Williams

Trumpet Section Leader:  Armani Falzone

Color Guard Captains:  Aryana Gotras & Jasmin Waters

Physical Trainer/Equipment Manager:  Tyler Quach & Kareem Gray

Secretary:  Tamisha Baptiste

Under the direction of:

Band Director:  Charlie Arbelaez

Percussion Head:  Seth Wexler

Color Guard Instructor:  Katherine Diaz

South Plantation Band Parents, Inc:

President:  Christina Cusmano

Vice President:  Sheryl Salvage

Treasurer:  Karla Reyes

Secretary:  Laura Courtley-Todd

Color Guard Rep:  Sheryl Salvage

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