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Bryan McCall II
Director of Bands, South Plantation High School

Student Leadership:

Band Captain: Jayden Lafosse

Drum Majors: Jasmine Moise, Kareem Gray

Brass Captains: Jayden Lafosse, Audrey Cool

Woodwind Captains: Victoria Sanches, Jasmine Moise

Percussion Captain: Zhane Williams

Guard Captains: Jasmine Waters, Pearl Pacheco, Jasmine Reyes

Clarinet Section Leader: Sophia Bush 

Saxophone Section Leader: Tyrie Robinson 

Trumpet/Mellophone Section Leader: Ryan Lall 

Trombone Section Leader: Stevee Jensen 

Euphonium Section Leader: Kareem Gray 

Percussion Section Leader: Kyle Ragbir 

Dance Committee Head: Jasmine Waters, Jasmine Moise (assistant), Kareem Gray (assistant), Jasmine Reyes (assistant)

Secretary/Liberian: Steevee Jensen

Social Media Manager: Pearl Pacheco

Equipment Crew Manager: Sophia Bush

Physical Trainer: Tyler Quach

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